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Once A Day

In a before-bedtime jaunt around Reddit, I stumbled upon a thread titled “What should you do everyday?” on /r/AskReddit. Before the thread exploded in true Reddit fashion with each comment and reply reminding others the central tenants of daily activity — flossing and masturbating — in addition to the other gems, I was struck with how simple the advice was.

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Day Three: Time on a Rainy Day

Most of today was spent looking at really old things in the British Museum, while it rained and poured outside.

For some reason, I would look at an object, find how old it was on the placard, and then would do the math to see how long my remaining 21 days left in Europe was in comparison to said really old thing. Like I said in my first two blogs, this whole traveling thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be, harder than I think most people think it is. It’s challenging and I’m frequently confronted with myself, all my anxieties and flaws, whilst in a foreign place and amongst strangers (who have thus been mostly wonderful and pleasant, except the loud, older French guy in my hostel who seemingly just lies in his bed all day).In its challenge, I question my ability to actually do it, and with that comes feeling that 21 days is quite possibly the largest increment of time ever.

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Day Two: A Tourist [9/8]

I woke up today to the fire alarm going off in my hostel. It was nothing, but it still forced me up which was nice, seeing as with my jet lag, I could’ve slept all day, not to mention the difficulty of actually sleeping though the night with 17 other people in your room.

Like I decided yesterday, I wanted to just get on a tourist bus and simply let it take me all over London, to see things generally, and also think about what I wanted to see particularly. So I started on the red line of the Original London Tour bus and it essentially took me all over the City of Westminster and the City of London (the equivalent to boroughs in New York). I had already seen most of Westminster by foot yesterday, but it was nice to actually learn some history and facts about the places I had visited in the early morning.

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Day One: The Overwhelming [9/7]

So the first day was just completely overwhelming for me. Don’t get me wrong; it was overwhelming because I was exhausted, sad, beyond happy—it was just a lot of emotions to deal with in the early morning of a city, country, continent you’ve never been before.

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Countdown [9/3]

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m still trying to assess my feelings with leaving in three days and, truthfully, even if I were to post a blog for every day I missed, it would all be the same thing.

The overwhelming feeling right now is anxious, nervous, and a bit scared, which is normal for me. I love new places, but actually traveling, as in the actual transportation, the moving of persons, is always daunting for me, even though I’m quite seasoned, having traveled between coasts for four years.

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Students [8/29]

I knew this feeling would come eventually. That’s why I saved my Europe trip until the beginning of September, so as to curb this feeling. Throughout my twenty-two years, I’ve always dreaded the return of school, like any other kid. When I was in elementary school, it was a dread of having to get up […]

The Infinite Rooftops [8/25]

A week ago, my mom told me about the roof of our garage unit. Originally, her boyfriend planned on making it a deck or a studio, but decided against it when the house was being built. He contemplates doing so, which I, since discovering this gem, vehemently hope he does. I spent about three hours […]

Living Stories [8/22]

This morning, I went with my mom to breakfast at this diner in downtown Petaluma called Hallie’s. We parked on the side of the street and as I got out of the car, I noticed a woman, around her early 50s I’d hazard, with an older woman who had her same long blonde hair, and […]

The Tumblr Shadow Realm, or The Home of My Poor Writing [8/20]

So the Tumblr app really likes to eat my posts and discard them to the Shadow Realm. Maybe it’s a good thing for the people of this plane so they don’t have to deal with angst-ridden, pseudo-philosophical posts about a twenty-two year old realizing that it’s okay to literally breathe every once and a while. […]

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