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Mad Men: “New Business”

A large part of Matthew Weiner’s genius is his ability to gain miles out of a simple “I love you” on Valentine’s Day, or a dinner at a fast-food restaurant between three work colleagues.

So when Mad Men lays its themes on thick like in these two opening episodes of the final season, it feels very unlike Weiner.

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[6/24] Mad Men: The Californian Secret

How do we even begin to assess the Mad Men season 6 finale? The search for the answer preoccupied much of my nighttime thoughts immediately after the episode, until I surrendered to watching Archer, believing that this morning I would have a better grasp on what interested me the most. But I’m still rather lost […]

Man Men: Does The Good Guy Even Finish? [6/17]

“He’s not that virtuous. He’s just in love with you.” Probably like many other fans, this quote stuck out from last night’s episode of Mad Men. And if I really think about it, it, for me, sticks out from the season as a whole. Largely, I think every season of Mad Men has explored what […]

In Weiner we trust [5/5]

I was going to write something comprehensive about this week’s Mad Men, about Don and his control issues, how he’s making decisions in the form of rash mistakes and faking intention, how the recurring theme of all his campaigns seem to center around the lack of the product, the predicament Peggy now finds herself in […]