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Team Liquid and the Not-So-Problematic Piglet Problem

On the back of a wins against Team Solomid and Counter Logic Gaming with substitute Yuri “KeithMcBreif” Jew, Team Liquid decide to give former World Champion and starting AD carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin another chance in week seven of the LCS. Piglet was previously benched after one week of play due to internal team differences.

“It’s only fair for us to give Piglet another chance,” said Team Liquid analyst Mark Zimmerman. “When we benched him we gave him this big list of things we wanted him to improve on. When we started scrimming with him in the morning blocks, he had improved on them.”

Under such circumstances, Team Liquid fans were cautiously optimistic going into the week against Team Impulse and Team 8.

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How Valuable is the Kha’Zix Pick at Worlds?

Throughout the League of Legends World Championships thus far, a hard-fought battle raged on in picks and bans when it came to the a simple choice in the jungle pick as teams from across the globe have conformed to one simple conditional: “If not Lee Sin, then Kha’Zix.”

Lee Sin and Kha’Zix have been picked and banned more than any other jungler thus far in the tournament. Lee Sin — for good reason — is by far and away the most contested pick and has seen more bans than Kha’Zix; the versatility and dynamism the champion brings to the competitive seen is unparalleled, and continues to be the staple pick for any jungler since his introduction.

But then there’s Kha’Zix.

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Worlds Day 5: Can You Really Fight With All The Prowess of Najin?

And on the fifth day of the League of Legends World Championships, the Koreans in Groups C and D look beatable and, in fact, were beaten.

But the fifth day of Worlds has also proven that if you draw blood against the Koreans, they will look to crush their next opponent — a vengeance so strong that it multiples with every defeat, multiplying like a hydra’s head.

Let’s take a look at some of the marquee matches of the day, highlighting the flaws of Najin White Shield and Samsung Blue that LCS teams were able to pick apart.

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