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Once A Day

In a before-bedtime jaunt around Reddit, I stumbled upon a thread titled “What should you do everyday?” on /r/AskReddit. Before the thread exploded in true Reddit fashion with each comment and reply reminding others the central tenants of daily activity — flossing and masturbating — in addition to the other gems, I was struck with how simple the advice was.

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Day Two: A Tourist [9/8]

I woke up today to the fire alarm going off in my hostel. It was nothing, but it still forced me up which was nice, seeing as with my jet lag, I could’ve slept all day, not to mention the difficulty of actually sleeping though the night with 17 other people in your room.

Like I decided yesterday, I wanted to just get on a tourist bus and simply let it take me all over London, to see things generally, and also think about what I wanted to see particularly. So I started on the red line of the Original London Tour bus and it essentially took me all over the City of Westminster and the City of London (the equivalent to boroughs in New York). I had already seen most of Westminster by foot yesterday, but it was nice to actually learn some history and facts about the places I had visited in the early morning.

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