Welcome back to the North American League of Legends Championship Series power rankings for the 2017 Summer Split.

As we approach the midseason point, we’re beginning to notice two trends within the NA LCS: frequent changes at the top and bottom, and a strange stasis for everyone trapped in the middle.

At the top, we have three teams that have proved to be worthy of the contest—far and away the best in the league but still ironing out the small flaws in their play when it comes to head-to-head contests. Similarly, the bottom-tier squads, after making early changes, are figuring out whether they have the mettle (and time) to make up for the poor starts.

But in the middle, we find four teams trapped—looking ahead at how much more they have to refine in order to ascend into the upper echelon while looking behind to see whether someone gets their act together to mount a comeback.

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