In a before-bedtime jaunt around Reddit, I stumbled upon a thread titled “What should you do everyday?” on /r/AskReddit. Before the thread exploded in true Reddit fashion with each comment and reply reminding others the central tenants of daily activity — flossing and masturbating — in addition to the other gems, I was struck with how simple the advice was.

  • “Organize 5 minutes of quietness and alone time. 5 minutes.”
  • “Smile.”
  • “Hold the door open for someone.”
  • “Laugh.”
  • “Go outside.”
  • “Try to eat some god damn fruits and vegetables.”
  • “Take about 5 minutes and try to find something to be thankful for.”
  • “Tell someone who’s important to you that you love them – life is too short not to. My rule is that if I ever randomly think about someone, I’ll shoot them a quick text to let them know that I care about them. You never know what someone’s going through, and this could possibly brighten up their day.”

In the sort of quiet and bearable malaise that is life after college, it’s easy to forget that the minutiae of a life is what makes life. It’s easy to forget between the sinusoidal search for a full-time job — applying, interviewing, facing rejection — that nothing is ever more important than the reciprocative do-goodery joy of holding a door open for someone. Or smiling. Or flossing and masturbating.